Egg Freezing- A Viable Option For Working Women


In order to make their career, today, many women often postpone starting their family as their biological clock keeps ticking which, in other words, is a message that time is going out of hand. The longer women delay to have a baby, the more challenges come in the way of pregnancy. But now the times have changed, thanks to the medical science that has developed opportunities for women to freeze their eggs and use them when they are ready to have a baby. Another great advantage of this technique is that it allows women to preserve their fertility by banking their eggs that undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer.

This is an egg cryopreservation process in which the eggs are frozen for future use. This substitute to embryo preservation & let women preserve their fertility by banking their eggs in the hospital. Whether the eggs are frozen or fresh, they deliver the same results in terms of giving healthy babies.

The technology of egg cryopreservation has advanced the alternatives for women to have healthy fertilization, whether because of timing or to allow healthy process before starting a family.

Egg Freezing:

For the last 5 years, the revolutionary growth in the technology of egg freezing science has made it a treatment which acts as a synonym of opportunity for many career-oriented women.

Vitrification is a latest freezing technique where more than 85% of frozen eggs now survive the warming up method.

Freezing eggs before the age of 35 have the finest pregnancy results. To make it potential and affordable for women to have this treatment, Dr. Priti Gupta, best fertility doctor in NewDelhi has an exceptional interest in egg freezing technique. She has established an active approach to maximize the results of her patients.

What Is Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing, also known as human oocyte cryopreservation, is the method to take out and keep a woman’s unfertilized eggs & store them safely. This permits women to serve as their personal egg donor at a late date where the natural formation is maybe more problematic or unlikely. There are several reasons why a woman would pick to freeze her eggs other than making their career are inherent disorders upsetting fertility, early menopause, cancer treatments, or simply wanting to delay child-bearing due to a personal understanding with the partner.

Pregnancies from Egg Freezing – Success Rates

International researches determine an overall 6 – 12% chance of full-term birth on per egg which is warmed. That means that the bulk of women who freeze 20 eggs would be capable to fruitfully use those eggs to have a healthy baby. Young age women who freeze more eggs can suppose great results. Dr. Priti Gupta who is one of the best fertility doctor in Delhi supports women who are forthcoming or more than the age of 30 & wish to freeze their eggs. There are no assurances in life, but for women who can’t instantaneously try for a baby; freezing a good amount of eggs (preferably 20 to 30) at an age where eggs are possibly to be of great quality is a suitable option to enhance reproductive freedom, with an extraordinary opportunity of future pregnancy

If you are expecting egg freezing and would like to get more knowledge about it, contact First step IVF Clinic Dr. Priti Gupta, best fertility doctor in NewDelhi to organize a Fertility Health Check evaluation.

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