KEEP YOUR COOL – Mental Stress and Infertility


Failure to conceive or infertility can have adverse effects on one’s life. It can create a doubt about yourself, your relationship, and to your overall living experience.

Here are few steps to guide you in such condition from fertility experts:

1) Share the problem: Don’t keep it to yourself; share your issues with others, especially your doctor. Your doctor should be your companion through these uncomfortable times.

2) The feeling has to be acknowledged. You should accept that the feeling stress is completely normal. Every couple going through infertility treatment has to undergo this trauma. The treatment procedure can be draining both emotionally and physically. Remember, life has many more things to offer.

3) Family and friends can be a great support: Couple’s can spend quality time with the family and friends. The support offered by them can be comforting and make you feel better. Remember - A friend in need is friend indeed.

4) Talk to your partner: Communicate with each other as both of you are in the same situation. The emotional support you can provide to each other is unparalleled. Spend time with each other, make each other comfortable and educate yourself about the treatments/procedures.

5) Do not believe every piece of information on the internet. Trust your doctor. He/She is the best person to guide you through this condition. There are several platforms to confuse a person - some are facts while many are just personal opinions not validated by scientific research.

6) Keep a watch on your health: You may be undergoing several treatments for infertility, therefore don’t neglect your diet and overall health. In the end, just a thought – Nothing is permanent. Don't Stress yourself too much because no matter how bad the situation is….IT WILL CHANGE.

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