Egg donation

Surrogacy is required by those couples where the female is capable of producing good quality eggs but is not able to bear a child in her womb. This often happens due to uterine problems like abnormally shaped uterus, the poor lining of the uterus or adhesions within the uterine cavity.

Surrogacy at First Step IVF is guided by expert counsellors and we ensure a smooth and transparent process.

Step1: Contact Process/Medical Counseling/Surrogacy Costs

Upon receiving your inquiry, depending on your needs, we will coordinate your case with the clinic, surrogates, egg donors and other professionals involved in the process.

We will provide a free no-obligation medical opinion.

If you decide to go ahead with  Us, we will then start the process of locating and screening an egg donor and surrogate that suits your needs.

select IVF’s lawyer will get contracts ready and signed by all concerned parties etc.

We will need the following information from you to assess your case and give you relevant information

Age of the female partner

Husbands Semen sample Report

Previous infertility treatment history.

Previous 3 menstrual cycles detail and expected mensuration period date.

Reason for needing surrogacy.

Do you want to use your own eggs or donor eggs?

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