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Are Home Ovulation Kits And Fertility Apps Worth It?

In this era of technology, everything is available with the phone in your hands. Many women who wish to have a child, invest a lot of time and money to understand their ovulation, and menstrual cycle behavior, in order to improve their chances of a healthy pregnancy.

There are so many options available in the market worldwide which claim that they can provide you with accurate information from temperature tracking and ovulation to fertility apps. Many of the products are more confused and leave the consumer with only one question which one to prefer.

There are some advantages and limitations of these techniques which claim for their accuracy.
1. Tracking Basal body temperature
This might be the easiest method where you just need to check your basal body temperature as a benchmark. You need to track the menstrual cycles to know your exact ovulation time, but this is only possible if your menstrual cycle is regular. For irregular menstrual cycles, this will not work. Its accuracy is the same as subtracting 14 days from the start date of your next period. There are plenty of online ovulation calculators which help you to predict your ovulation day, but this will not work for irregular ovulation.

2. Changes in cervical mucus
The menstrual cycle goes on changing in the endometrium, and cervical mucus is one of the best signs of fertility. It increases its volume, and the watery fluid is similar to raw egg white. This fluidity helps the sperm move easily into the cervix to the oviduct, which is also known as the 'sperm escalator'. Many women never notice this; hence, it's not useful for non-observable women for prediction.

3. Saliva ovulation kits
Just think, how can anyone predict ovulation by examining saliva? Well, many can predict ovulation by microscopic investigation of saliva increase in salt concentration, which is a result of the increased estrogenic levels before ovulation. But it is hard to interrupt and too much costly. So, don't go for this method.

4. Urine ovulation kits
Hormones play an important role in menstruation. These kits that detect your luteinizing hormone surge are very accurate ovulation predictors. Luteinizing hormone level increases one to two days before ovulation, and it triggers the release of the egg (ovulation). It is also helpful in irregular periods, but you have to check frequently, which could be expensive.

5. Fertility apps
They are a boon for all of you and have a combination of all these tests. So they can predict your ovulation and notify you about ovulation and just one intercourse at the right time. That's all you need! But if you're simply able to have intercourse every day throughout the cycle, it won't be much useful.

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