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Surrogacy in Delhi

What does the term surrogacy means?

A surrogate carrier is the women who is ready to carry a pregnancy for a couple (intended parent(s) or otherwise). Gestational surrogacy is a condition in which the woman who agreed to be a carrier is implanted with an embryo that is created either from egg/or sperm from the couple intended to do so or even a donor. The baby doesn’t have any genetic relationship with the carrier and she will be responsible only for gestating the embryo or baby till birth.

What is the major difference between traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is one where the baby doesn’t have any genetic connection with the carrier as a already fertilized embryo gets implanted in the women and the surrogate mother is often referred to as a gestational carrier, on the other hand traditional surrogacy bears the genetic imprints of the carrier.

Why do couples prefer surrogacy when they can just adopt a baby?

Adoption is a very lengthy procedure which can take years as it involves several background checks, applications, home studies etc. several times parents are deemed unqualified which is a mentally wrecking. Another problem is that these children face a lot of difficulties since their childhood like mental and physical abuse, neglect, malnutrition which gets reflected in their behavior in future. Adoption is also very expensive procedure therefore most adoptions which occur are mainly lose adoptions which aren’t recognized by law and there is a threat that the children may be taken back by the birth parents anytime. Surrogacy has come up to be a better alternative these days specially after being legalized by law.

Is the process of surrogacy legalized in India?

Commercial surrogacy is legalized and approved by the supreme court of India since 2002.

Can I choose my child’s gender?

Knowledge of the child’s gender before birth is against the Indian law.

Is it possible to try to have multiple births?

In a single pregnancy it is attempted to not have more than two children.

Once the pregnancy gets confirmed what all information will I receive throughout the period of pregnancy?

Regular updates about the mothers health and test results are shared with the parents throughout the period of pregnancy.

Whose name normally goes on the birth certificate of the child?

As according to the regulations of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) the name of the commissioning parents goes on the birth certificate to have no mention of surrogacy. Though there isn’t any definite law about it.


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