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IVF Cost in Delhi

IVF Treatment Cost

Today, infertility affects 1 in every 6 couples and there are many reasons associated with it. For couples who are unable to conceive naturally, IVF treatments have come a long way to help meet the need of such couples.

The IVF cost varies between 1.3-1.75 lakhs at First Step per case depending on the age group, diagnosis and problem.

At First Step IVF Clinic we help you realize your dream of growing your family. May be your journey to expand your family has not been an easy one, and may have included hard points that must have broken your heart.

Our doctors make you understand & offer new hope with innovative infertility treatment options for couples that helps you in starting your family.

With Advanced infertility treatment, including IVF treatment, administered by our highly trained reproductive professionals we can help you in your journey towards a new or larger family.

We strive to provide assured results with extensive efforts.

Below is the consultation Fee structure of our Doctors who can help you in expanding your family.

The first time fees, second time fees, structure and charges are mentioned.


Fee Structure (Dr. Priti Gupta)

First Time Rs. 1000
Second Time Rs. 500
USG Charges Rs. 400

Fee Structure (Dr. Manu Gupta)

First Time Rs. 1200
Second Time Rs.1000

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