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Male Infertility Treatment In Delhi

Male Infertility Treatment

Male Infertility in Man

Infertility is a medical condition wherein a female encounter with a problem of conceiving a child even after trying for more than a year time with her partner. It was earlier days when infertility is related directly to female only. According to recent studies it has been recorded that infertility is a medical condition that can arise due to any gender. Male infertility is when a male partner is unable to induce conception in a healthy fertile woman which can be due to many reasons include low sperm count, immobility in sperms, crash diet, medical illness or disorder or any blockage that preventing movement of sperms to the semen.

Some other causes of male infertility include: drug use, alcohol use, tobacco smoking and obesity.

Male Infertility

There are no common signs of infertility, one need to visit the expert and get the required tests done in order to diagnose the problem.

There are many treatment options available that can help in curing the infertility among men. You can meet Dr. Manu Gupta (Senior Consultant – Urology & Andrology), who is having vast experience in treating males who suffer from male infertility.

Male Infertility


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