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Stress-Relieving Ways to Boost Fertility

Over the years, research has shown that most infertility problems arise due to stress. Although stress is not directly associated with your fertility; however, it somewhat does affect the physiological conditions.


How to choose an egg donor for IVF treatment?

The word 'egg donor' isn’t as simple a process as it seems to be. Several factors depend on while choosing the donor, like the quality of the egg is important as this will decide your future family happiness.


Myths About Miscarriage

Being pregnant is such a priceless moment for any woman. However, if the evil eye of miscarriage on this pregnancy then it becomes no less than an emotional trauma for the couple. There are a lot of myths about miscarriage.


Chances Of Getting Pregnant After The 40s

Fertility is a major issue that 40s women have to face who are planning to have a child. Conceiving is difficult after a certain age, and even once a woman does conceive the chances of miscarriage are higher.


The More Ordinary Problem- Male Fertility

Male infertility can be caused by a low sperm count known as oligozoospermia. Moreover, a total absence of sperm indicates an extreme case, known as azoospermia, where a sperm count is effectively zero.


Smoking Impacts both Male and Female Fertility

If you are planning to have a baby, it is not only advisable but also essential, to reduce and possibly quit smoking. It may take a lot of effort and discipline on your part, but nothing can match the joy you feel.


Secondary Infertility

Second infertility is when you try to conceive after first child. There is no conceiving in secondary infertility or completion of nine months in the second pregnancy after one child.


IVF- A Ray Of Hope

The full name of IVF is in-vitro fertilization, in which a man's sperm and a woman's egg are mixed in a lab and inserted into the uterus of a woman who wants to become a mother.


How To Manage Low Ovarian Reserve?

At First Step IVF, the doctors are certified in carrying out ovarian reserve evaluations for couples suffering from infertility and those who are planning for a baby.


Common Causes Of Infertility In Men

For any couple trying to start a family, infertility diagnosis cannot be less than a nightmare. Couples must have a clear understanding of infertility so that they may take the necessary steps to manage their condition.


Be Proactive About Fertility With 5 Simple Ways

To recapitulate, get proactive about your fertility with the above-mentioned five steps. Therefore, go ahead and get the knowledge to have a beautiful family plan. To get more information about fertility, feel free to get in touch with our fertility expert at First Step IVF.


Start your journey of parenthood today

Sincere dedication to serve couples within the journey of parenthood is our approach. This journey requires expertise and assistance for a few to accomplish the dream of parenthood.


How to choose the best IVF Clinic in Delhi

Today, the growth and advancement of IVF as a fertility procedure is high. With fertility rates in women taking a toll with each year, the need for IVF has materialised as a medium of conception for many couples in India.


How does Stress Cause Infertility in Females

For years, the association between infertility and stress has been debated. Elevated depression levels are usually reported in women who are diagnosed with infertility issues. This makes it clear that infertility is a reason behind stress.


Failed IVF: What to do next?

This article gives you an insight on the reason for the low success rate of IVF; tests that can help find the cause of IVF failure, and in case of a failed IVF, What are the steps to be taken?


Right Time to Freeze Your Eggs

If you ask, there is no perfect time to freeze your eggs but yes there can be a better time and age that you can decide, on your own! First Step IVF is the best fertility clinic offering Egg freezing in Delhi and many other fertility services.


IVF Success Rates For Women Above 40

In comparison to younger people, women over the age of 40 have a lower fertility potential. We at the First Step IVF are willing to take on the most challenging cases if we believe there is a fair possibility of pregnancy.


Weight and Fertility

Infertility is a real problem faced by many couples. The reasons can be many. It may happen that a partner may not be capable of conceiving or a female is unable to carry pregnancy throughout, due to some medical conditions or disabilities.


How to prepare for an IVF cycle

Important decisions require a calm mind and a lot of preparation, emotionally, mentally, and physically. IVF cycles are no different. At First Step IVF, our IVF specialists in West Delhi ensure our patients undergo their IVF cycle comfortably.


Myths related to IVF in Delhi

There are a few common misbeliefs about the IVF process that discourages women from considering this option. As IVF has the potential to help many couples to start their family, it's important to clear up myths.


How stress can cause infertility?

Increasing stress in today’s life has become a serious reason for problems within the lifetime of husband and wife. Stress affects not only marital life but also physical relationships and health.


Tips for couples who try to conceive

When a duo decides to start a family, to urge pregnancy, it always helps to understand some things which will help increase the probabilities of fulfilling their dream.


Basic Reasons Why Couples choose IVF

In vitro Fertilization is one among the foremost common treatment options for ladies to possess a toddler . When a few fails to realize pregnancy for quite a year, the fertility doctors suggest IVF treatment for a patient if they need


Benefits Of In Vitro Fertilization in First Step IVF

The desire to be a parent can be exhilarating and heartwarming so remove infertility that comes in the way. In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the ultimate solution for expecting a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby. Leave worries at bay and welcome parenthood by choosing IVF.


Best Clinic for IVF in West Delhi

With the advancement in Science, there is a cure for most health problems and so dealing with fertility problems is also not a big deal, nowadays. Couples who are suffering from fertility problems can also give birth to their baby. In vitro fertilization is one such effective fertility treatment option.


Fertility Treatment from One of The Best clinics for IVF

Giving birth to a baby is the dream of every couple. Some couple fails to fulfill their dream because of lack of awareness about fertility treatment. But, do not feel depressed, if you are also having any fertility problems. You can get the best treatment from the First Step IVF.


Effective Steps to Increase fertility

The journey to parenthood is often a challenge sometimes. There are many couples who are browsing equivalent difficulties like you. Fortunately, there are some useful steps you ought to confine your mind to deal with fertility and provides birth to a healthy child. Correct choices of food and lifestyle can boost fertility.


The Importance Of Counselling In Infertility

Infertility is a phase, where a patient might feel low, may have stress, or might become emotionally week. It is thus important for the patient to have proper counseling and understand the fact that today


Does Fertility gets affected by changing Lifestyle?

Ask anyone who is dealing with infertility about how troubled they are due to infertility. How taking rounds to even the best infertility clinics and surrogacy hospitals has made them miserable. Infertility affects the couple’s life and their relations as well.


Does Meditation Improves Fertility

The feelings of inadequacy in a couple make them feel disconnected from the rest of the world and each other at a time when they need support more than ever. Research shows that mindfulness and meditation


Egg freezing: A new way to freeze happiness

Childbirth is happiness devised to bring off-springs to the Earth. But in today’s time with lifestyle changes and stress induction, people are facing difficulty to conceive naturally and reliably on artificial fertilization methods like IVF.


Preserve Your Fertility Before It’s Too Late!

Fertility preservation is an emerging field associated with reproductive medicine that offers treatment aimed at protecting future reproductive ability for individuals with cancer or other serious illnesses as well as a convenient option for young couples who intend to delay pregnancy.


Right Time To Postpone Parenthood?

With the concept of modernization, couples more and more primarily are focusing on careers without addressing fertility issues. Infertility is the inability to conceive because of some problem in the reproductive organs of either couple.


Psychological Stress and Infertility

Why do people get married? Well, there are several answers to the present question but the foremost straightforward answer is because marriage may be a stage within the growth of an individual that helps him/her get to parenthood. But to be a parent, one must have a toddler.


FAQ’s About IVF

Tried months for pregnancy! - Still, waiting to hear the good news? There might be something wrong together with your fallopian tubes but the First Step IVF - the best IVF centre in West Delhi could be your ray of hope. IVF treatment is that the only option


One of The Best Infertility Treatment - IVF

In Vitro Fertilisation treatment brings never-ending happiness in the lives of people who have been unsuccessful in conceiving naturally. It is the most effective way to treat infertility. IVF is a medical procedure where female eggs are combined with male sperm in the fertility center.


Can I plan a second child through IVF?

Couples experiencing paternity with IVF or other Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures undergo emotional and social turmoil. After the uncountable visits to medical supervision and the number of hospital visits, they finally start a family with their little fun bundle.


Top tips for couples undergoing IVF treatment

Infertility can affect a couple physically and emotionally. Couples who diagnose infertility may be wondering what they should do or what steps they should take to deal with the problem. Fortunately, IVF treatment is a boon for the infertile couple.


Enhance Fertility with Yoga

Yoga, the age old practice of India may be a golden practice that the country holds in its glory. The tradition dates back to decades of practice and its culture imbibes it from the traditional time when sages want to follow this. The sages want to hook up with their chakras and luxuriate in bliss


Simple Lifestyle Changes to Enhance Fertility

Urban lifestyle has left its mark altogether the aspects of health, but none has been as overlooked as Fertility Issues. Perhaps this is often because fertility is the last item on the minds of most of the working couples juggling family life, demanding workplace deadlines and ever tight finances.


Myths about Infertility

If someone is diagnosed with infertility, it can indeed be a stressful and bitter truth for them. The condition might cause a state of lack of panic thanks to the varied myths and misinformation associated with the condition. At the First Step IVF, we believe that the couples got to put faith in their treatment.


Get prepared for IVF - Physically And Mentally

Currently, IVF is one of the regular and simply accessible fertility care choices. We also helped thousands of individuals in our IVF center in West Delhi to show their hopes of being their mother into reality. to urge the successful results of IVF treatment


Is IVF truly a Hope for Infertile Couples?

Pregnancy is not only one of the most cherished phases of a women’s life, but it also helps women rediscover themselves in a whole new dimension. One gets to explore all sorts of emotions in this phase. But some women are unable to experience this phase because they are not able to conceive


How PCOS, one of the causes of infertility

Pregnancy is not only one of the most cherished phases of a women’s life, but it also helps women rediscover themselves in a whole new dimension. One gets to explore all sorts of emotions in this phase. But some women are unable to experience this phase because they are not able to conceive

myths facts infertility

Common Myths About Infertility

‘Infertility’ is a very stressful experience. The inability to conceive naturally and failed pregnancy tests, month after months, and year after years, is heartbreaking for a couple attempting to have a child.

ivf safe option

Is IVF a safe option for you?

When you look for the path to parenthood, you start looking out for all possibilities. One such possibility is IVF. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the most widespread procedures of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). It is evaluated that at least one million youngsters have been conceived because of ART techniques.

womens age affect fertility

How does women’s age affect fertility?

Age is considered one of the most important factors affecting fertility in both males and females. In women, fertility is at the peak in the early teens and mid-20s, which starts declining with passing years. Women’s fertility is majorly dependent on their egg pool.

common myths ivf

Common Myths Around IVF

There are millions of couples suffering from infertility in India. Yet due to the social stigma associated with it, they do not discuss the issue openly. As a result, there are several myths about fertility procedures and IVF. In this blog, we will be busting the topmost common myths around IVF and infertility.

Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing - A better way to plan your future

Women in their early twenties constantly feel like they’re racing against time. Invisible deadlines seem to be looming ahead. This may seem strange to someone who’s never experienced this, but the fear is definitely not unfounded. The ominous ticking in the background

PCOS Awareness

Things You Should Know About PCOS: PCOS Awareness

Fertility doctors in India, with many women welfare-oriented organizations, are trying harder and harder to spread awareness in India regarding PCOS. In this state of pandemic and uncertainty, we will like to highlight that PCOS is a widespread condition. No women facing the same shall feel alone and lost

Impact Lifestyle

Impact of Lifestyle choices on fertility

It takes just a few minutes to understand the trauma of a woman or a couple who are coping with infertility. Infertility as we know is the inability to get pregnant while fertility is the natural capacity to produce offspring.


Infertility - Not a Stigma Anymore

The main common causes of infertility are sperm abnormalities important to the male aspect of infertility, and in women, a hormone complaint called polycystic ovary syndrome. Other causes of infertility


Myths and facts about infertility

Infertility had been a mystery subject for a long time. However, technology and science have busted many of the myths and misconceptions about infertility and IVF treatment.


A Cost-Effective Way to Treat Infertility: IVF

Being deprived of a child is always considered as a curse and taboo by society. People are quick to judge and don’t give a second thought before ill-treating and looking down at couples who are devoid of a child


How is age relevant to IVF ?

Pregnancy by natural means is highly dependent on the age of the parents. It becomes difficult and is rare to conceive at old age. Above 45 years of age, the live birth rate drops down rapidly.


The secret connection between infertility and lifestyle

In today’s time, it’s no secret that fertility and health have a relationship with our lifestyle. While in this topic we’re not gonna discuss what you should eat, weigh or bench-press, we do have some points that you may find helpful to make sure you’re in optimal health when trying to conceive a baby.


Why People Don’t Talk about Infertility?

Infertility is a common problem these days because several couples are suffering from this condition. If you are one of them, then you need to visit the doctor as soon as possible, so that you can get the proper


Secondary infertility

A woman empowered to give birth to her own child embarks the journey of life smoothly and happily is a well-known fact. The stigma and agony of being infertile may not be experienced by some women as they naturally conceived and gave birth to a healthy baby in the first go.


When should a couple use IVF?

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is one of the treatment options for infertile couples to help them conceive a child. It involves collecting eggs from a fertile woman and fertilizing them with sperms in


Stress increase the chances of Infertility

Why is Marriage considered as a compulsory act by our ancestors? Well, there are many answers to this question but the most straightforward and exact answer is because marriage is a stage that


Are you at the Risk of Fertility Problems?

Some people with fertility problems never even know it until they try to have a baby. That’s because often times infertility issues don’t have symptoms. So, whether you’re actively trying to have children or

Benefits IVF treatment

Benefits of IVF in Infertility treatment

Often couples believe that IVF cycle is the only treatment for infertility. However, that is not the case. In this article, we are going to explain the role of IVF in infertility treatment and when should one pursue an IVF cycle.

IVF fails

What happens if IVF fails?

Bringing a new life into the world is seen as an honour to many mothers. It is paramount of responsibility and power. For many women, it is their lifetime wish to have one to call their own and cherish the gift of motherhood fully.

successful IVF Journey

Tips for a successful IVF Journey

India being one of the most populated country, still faces a hidden struggle and that is the problem of Infertility among couples. There is a drastic decline in the fertility rate. Yes, it is good news for the overpopulated nation but it’s a bothersome situation for couples.


Benefits of IVF

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the most effective treatment option established for the women who are all facing infertility problems. There are numerous amounts of couples have suffered a lot due to infertility. This treatment has been appreciated by the wide ranges of people worldwide.

fertility Egg Freezing

Preserve your fertility with Egg Freezing in Delhi

Egg freezing is a process of preserving a woman’s eggs (oocytes) to be used in future. In this process, a woman’s oocytes are extracted, frozen and stored to protect the reproductive potential in the women. This is a very successful method which is widely used these days.


Tips to Improve the Fertility

So many people around the world are dismayed by issues of infertility. It’s a subject of concern for most individuals and couple these days. So, what to do to improve the fertility rate? Well, we are going to answer this question in this article. So, read on!



Pregnancy is the time when women go through lots of changes physically and mentally. It is a time when not only women's bodies but also women's minds go through many changes. It is also a time when the immune system of their body changes and so a pregnant woman is an easy target of viruses.


Can your weight make you infertile?

As you'll remember, maintaining optimum weight is important permanently health and longevity. Excess weight gives rise to variety of health problems like heart condition, hypertension, kidney disorder and diabetes.


Impact of Age on Female Fertility

Age may not be a barrier to achieve many of your dreams but when it comes to conceiving age can be the single major hurdle. Normally, we do not find it good enough to ask a woman her age, but at fertility clinics, it will be the very first question as the age of a woman is one of the most important factors affecting her ability to conceive.


Prominent Reasons for Failed Fertility Treatments

In this fast-moving world parenthood for many couples is denied for many reasons. The whole universe relies on reproduction for its sustainability. Hence, the concept of biological babies through fertility treatments has come as a boon to such people


Unexplained Fertility

The reason behind an infertility diagnosis in both women and men is not always easy to determine. It is estimated that 1 in 5 couples struggling to conceive have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility


6 Ways IVF Benefits to Infertile Couples

IVF (In-vitro fertilization) is the most common fertility treatment performed these days in which egg and sperm are combined manually outside the body in a laboratory dish. Let’s have a look at 7 ways in which IVF benefits to infertile couples:

fast food infertility

Fast Food and Infertility

We all understand that a visit to McDonald’s, Burger King, Dominos or the other restraunts is not good for our health, however have you ever thought that fast food can also impact your fertility?


The Power of Positivity

Becoming pregnant can be a challenging stage in life whether fertility treatments are needed or not. Remember that patience is key, the journey may be long but it may come with a lifetime reward

yoga for fertility

Yoga to increase Fertility

These days women are opting for pregnancy at a later stage in life. Waiting until later isn’t essentially a bad thing. A report from the best fertility clinic in West

nutrition and fertility

Nutrition and Fertility

Infertility affects about 10 percent of the population, according to Dr Priti Gupta- Consultant fertility & IVF expert. While couples


Excessive heat and rising temperature can drastically

Excessive heat and rising temperature can drastically affect the health of people especially elder people , children, and pregnant ladies. Dr. Priti Gupta, Consultant Fertility & IVF, First Step IVF Clinic says that “The already elevated basal

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