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Infertility - Not a Stigma Anymore

Message to All Women: Infertility affects Men and Women Equally.
Remember: You are more than a Mother.

The main common causes of infertility are sperm abnormalities important to the male aspect of infertility, and in women, a hormone complaint called polycystic ovary syndrome. Other causes of infertility are:
● Poor nutrition
● Causes of infections caused by the practice of female genital mutilation
● Exposure to smoking, leaded petrol, and other environmental pollutants
● Ovulatory disorders

Both men and women should practice “Safe Sex” and avoid risky behavior that can lead to sexually transmitted diseases(STDs). STDs can cause serious complications including pelvic inflammatory disease(PID), blockage of fallopian tubes, ectopic pregnancy, and prostatitis, which can subsequently cause infertility.

For Women, several strategies may help increase the chances of becoming pregnant:
1. Exercise moderately
Regular exercise is important, but if you are exercising so intensely that your periods are infrequent or absent, your infertility (ability to fall pregnant) may be impaired.

2. Eat a balanced diet and maintain a healthy weight
Being underweight or overweight can affect your hormone production or result in disturbances in your monthly periods, which can cause infertility.

3. Quit Smoking
Tabaco has multiple negative effects or fertility, not to mention your general health and health of your unborn baby. If you smoke and are considering pregnancy, quit now.

4. Avoid Alcohol
These substances may impair your ability to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. Don’t Drink alcohol.

5. Limit Caffeine
Women trying to get pregnant should limit caffeine intake. Ask your doctor for guidance on the safe use of caffeine.

6. Avoid or Reduce Stress
Try to avoid stress. Take proper sleep, involve much in yoga and light exercise.

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