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What is PGD?

Genes gets passes from one generation to another. It is heartbreaking to have an abortion if the child is diagnosed with a life threatening genetic disorder. If the family has a clinical history of genetic disorders, it is necessary to take care that these don’t get passed on. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis or PGD is the solution for such problems where the gene causing embryos are probed and removed and therefore it is a chance for such couples to have healthy babies.

Is PGD For Me?

Genetic testing is recommended before going for PGD, the following are the reasons to opt for PGD:

  • You have had a number of abortions because your baby had a genetic condition
  • You already have a child with a serious genetic condition
  • You have a family history of a serious genetic condition.
  • In case of certain cancer like breast or ovarian cancer

Which Genetic Conditions Can Be Tested For During PGD?

Over more than 100 genetic diseases can be investigated in an embryo for PGD. The abnormality is detectable with molecular techniques using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification of DNA from a single cell.

What Are The Risks Of PGD?

Risk involved in PGD are similar to that of IVF, which involve:

  • Some embryos may be damaged by the process of cell removal
  • Testing may not be 100% reliable or conclusive.

What Is The Chance Of Having A Baby With PGD?

PGD is not the solution for infertility but for the women who want to avoid having a child with genetic disease. So as the other fertility treatments, its success rates are also dependent on women’s age and if there are other infertility issues. There are other problems also due to which embryos are unsuitable for transfer:

  • Not enough eggs are produced or fertilised in the first place
  • Removing the cells to be analysed damages the embryos
  • All the embryos are affected by the genetic disease.

In 2010 (the year for which the most recent data is available) 311 women received 383 cycles of PGD. This resulted in 121 live births (live birth rate of 31.6% per cycle started).


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