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How to choose the best IVF Clinic in Delhi?

Today, the growth and advancement of IVF as a fertility procedure is high. With fertility rates in women taking a toll with each year, the need for IVF has materialised as a medium of conception for many couples in India. However, choosing a fertility assistance destination can be a cause of contemplation among couples, who desire success with their treatment. Find out what you should check before opting for any one clinic for your treatment.

Credentials and experience of clinic and staff
There are a few factors which you must consider before opting for an IVF clinic. The first criteria to check before anything else are the credentials of the clinic and staff. It is necessary to check the quality of healthcare standards adopted by them and their certification to carry out the procedures at the clinic. Ideally, an IVF clinic should be affiliated and other vital certifications. It is worthy to ask your doctors about their experience in this field which will help you gain confidence in their expertise.

IVF success rates of the fertility clinic
The next thing you should get to know about the IVF clinic of your choice is their success rate with IVF. Look beyond a defined range and ask about their success with cases such as those with a history of failed IVF treatment, greater age of couples and issues with existing health conditions.

Although there are many factors which determine the success rate of IVF in couples, such as age, health conditions, response to the treatment, lifestyle habits and more, the success rate of the clinic will give you an idea about how well they can handle each case.
The reason why it is important to do your research before choosing an IVF clinic is that none can guarantee that your treatment will be successful. It is better not to fall for false claims than regret your decision later. It is important to maintain transparency with your clinic and ask for the same in return so that there is no compromise on your satisfaction and confidence.

The team of specialists for IVF treatment or infertility issues
Once you narrow down your choice of any IVF clinic, get to know about their team and how qualified they are. Ask them to guide you about the procedure and tell you about the doctors and embryologists who will be working with you. Confirm at this stage if your information and medical records will be kept confidential by them. The more you get to know about them, the more confidence you will feel during the treatment process.

Advance training and technology
It is better to assess the technology that is being employed at the clinic and how the staff works through the process to deliver successful results. Get to find out about the facilities in their operation theatre and the embryology labs and ensure that they are up to the standard in terms of equipment and safety.

Is the clinic neat and tidy?
To ensure that you remain in good health and safety conditions, as well as to oversee that your embryo is being fertilised in a hygienic environment, you need to ensure that the clinic of your choice is neat and tidy. An additional consideration at this stage is to check if the clinic is observing the necessary precautions to ensure sanitation and cleanliness during the ongoing pandemic.

Check the cost
Get to know about the costs that the clinic will be charging for the services. Discuss available payment options so that you can pay for the treatment conveniently. Also get to know if you will need to make a lump sum payment of the treatment or get the option to pay in installments. If so, will there be any additional charge if you choose the latter?

Reputation and reviews
It is common to receive recommendations for IVF clinics from your gynaecologist but it is up to you to perform your research and decide if you would like to continue your treatment with them. This is why it is of paramount importance to assess the credibility of the clinic, take reviews from previous patients and take a look at the facilities at the clinic on your own. Not only does this strengthen your trust and confidence in the services of the clinic but also enhance your chances of finding success.

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