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Does Using Contraception Affect Your Fertility?

Infertility is the most challenging issue nowadays that couples are facing. Having a baby is the most amazing experience that you ever feel in your life. But not being able to become a parent is the most disturbing thing in anyone's life. Questions like why are they the only ones who don't have a baby ? or why is this only happening with them? Pops up. Some people even feel they made some wrong decisions in the past that they are unable to conceive now. Using contraceptives is one of them.

Although it doesn't take away your chances of being a parent. It only causes a temporary delay in conceiving. After stopping the use of contraceptive pills, it will only affect the first couple of months of menstrual cycles. After a couple of months, it will be back to normal. Using contraception doesn't affect your fertility, but it can be affected by sexually transmitted infections. It is seen that chlamydia found to be the most common sexually transmitted disease. Both male and female fertility will get affected if they don't get the right treatment at the right time. It results in causing permanent damage to the fallopian tubes that cause problems to fertility.

Chlamydia doesn't have any kind of symptoms and also doesn't have any particular cure. To prevent this you need to do STI checks and use barrier contraceptives.

If you are trying to conceive, it is important to know the do’s and don'ts that will affect your fertility. But still, if you are in doubt then get in touch with your doctor and get more advice to cope with your pregnancy. Consulting your doctor will give a boost to your conceiving chances, and they will suggest you do some necessary tests.

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