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Thin Endometrium – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Options

There are three layers in the uterus which carry a fetus in women in pregnancy – middle, innermost, and outer layer. The endometrium is the innermost layer of the uterus. It is very vital for Endometrium to be productive and thick for normal menstrual and success rate in pregnancy. Also known as Uterine Lining, a healthy and thick Endometrium ensures proper implantation of healthy eggs in the uterus successfully. Later on, it also nourishes the fetus during pregnancy.

To ensure proper blood supply to keep Endometrium productive and thick, estrogen hormone plays a very important role. Affected level of estrogen leads to thin Endometrium. The Endometrium or uterine lining should be at least
Possible Causes
• Fibroids
• Low estrogen levels
• Poor blood flow
• Abnormal periods/amenorrhea
• D&C or other pelvic surgeries
• Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
• Improper use of Clomid (Clomiphene)
• Intrauterine Adhesions
• Using birth control pills in the long term
• Inferior endometrial tissue quality

• Irregular or unusual menstrual cycle
• Issue related to infertility
• Improper menstrual bleeding
• Painful or irregular menses

Pregnancy with Thin Endometrium
If a woman having issues with pregnancy, such as a problem in holding pregnancy or not getting pregnant at all, she needs to get Endometrium thickness or estrogen level checked. For proper implantation of the fetus, Endometrium should not be less than 7mm thin. If so, implantation will fail and it will also affect the success rate of conception. So, you should treat Thin Endometrium before getting pregnant.

Treatment Options
• Natural Remedies

A lot of natural supplements and herbs are available to maintain estrogen levels to improve the thickness of Endometrium.
• Proper Exercise

By doing exercise on a daily basis, the process of blood flow to the uterus remains smooth and controlled.
• Hysteroscopy

This procedure involves a check-up of the uterine cavity and a surgeon evaluates endometrial issues. Thin Endometrium is also caused due to intrauterine adhesions which are also removed.

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