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Myths About Miscarriage

Being pregnant is such a priceless moment for any woman. However, if the evil eye of miscarriage on this pregnancy then it becomes no less than an emotional trauma for the couple. There are a lot of myths about miscarriage. Let us talk about a few common ones:

Myth 1: Age Doesn't Matter
Miscarriages are rare in old-age women, but the truth is the chance of miscarriages increases with an increase in age. According to researchers, up to one in five pregnancies ends in miscarriage for women under the age of 35. With time the chances of miscarriage increase. That is why many women over 40 turn to fertility treatment for conception.

Myth 2: Did I cause this
Many women and couples can often feel that they did something to cause their pregnancy loss, whether in terms of diet, exercise, or the feeling of stress that generally affects the health of the pregnancy. That is not true. The truth is that after conceiving healthy embryo implants in the uterus, there are not many factors that can obstruct the pregnancy. One of the most common reasons that are understood why pregnancy loss occurs is due to chromosomal variations that take place in the embryo. While with some manageable lifestyle factors, like smoking, drug use, and obesity, risks of miscarriage can be reduced. While preventing the chromosomal variation that occurs sometimes, there are no specific actions that you can take.

Myth 3: Miscarriages inherit in families
Although it may be seen that miscarriage is common in run-in families since it is a common experience. Sadly, one in four pregnancies where pregnancy loss occurs whom we know- means, may experience this in your family. Most pregnancy loss occurs due to sporadic chromosomal variations.

It is said that later miscarriages are more often occur by other issues. If your mother or sister experience several miscarriages, that doesn't mean that you will experience it too. Some problems are passed down because of the unhealthy embryo that we contribute due to some chromosomal issues. To prevent these hereditary problems, some tests are available for both males and females, such as karyotype tests are to be done.

Those who recently experienced miscarriage should consider seeing a fertility specialist, discuss the problems, and get treatment to overcome them.

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