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Causes and Treatments : Unexplained Infertility

The most frustrating news for a few is unexplained infertility wherein the doctor has no apparent reason for infertility and each report of the couple shows normal parameters. it's easy to deal with a condition once you are aware of the rationale but in such cases, the couple is clueless and disheartened.

Infertility is claimed to be unexplained when a lady is ovulating regularly and is free from all other problems like blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis or premature ovarian failure, etc. and the husband has normal sperm count, motility & morphology but they're still facing trouble in conceiving even after maintaining a healthy relationship.

Possible reasons for unexplained infertility:
● Luteinized unraptured follicle syndrome.
● Possibility of tubal defects.
● Certain inherent viral or fungal infections within the body.
● Abnormal eggs
● Sperms inability to penetrate eggs

Abnormal endometrium or uterine lining will affect the method of embryo transfer.

For women who are under the age of thirty-five and try to conceive for the past one year and for ladies who are above the age of thirty-five and try for quite six months are presumably to be diagnosed with unexplained infertility. A few of the varied fertility tests are:

● Laparoscopy
● Blood tests to see the hormonal level
● Evaluation of past medical record
● Ovulation tests
● FSH or AMH to see the standard and quantity of eggs
● Pelvic ultrasound including physical examination
● Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) for the detailed examination of the Fallopian tube.

Unexplained infertility doesn’t mean the top of the planet or that there's no hope left. One can overcome it and may complete one’s dream of getting a baby.

Today life science has discovered cures for nearly every ailment possible. Infertile couples usually put all their hopes in their specialist and therefore the treatment they're offered. they need faith within the advancement of technology, which might help them in their journey towards parenthood.

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