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Common causes of repeated IVF failures

● Uterine abnormalities: Previously diagnosed or untreated abnormalities like uterine fibroid/endometrial polyps/septum, etc. are often a cause for implantation failures.

● Poor endometrium: Thin endometrium or poor quality endometrium i.e endometrium with poor receptivity won't be suitable for implantation.

● Embryo quality: Chromosomally abnormal embryos or poor quality embryos will face difficulty in implantation, and albeit they will, they'll not stay for an extended time.

● Genetic abnormalities within the gametes: Any defect, even minor ones like chromosomal microdeletions can compromise the standard of the gamete and thus embryo.

● Autoimmune diseases: If you're affected by autoimmune diseases, you would possibly be in danger of recurrent IVF failures. Usually, screening is completed in patients with repeated pregnancy losses to rule out Anti-Phospholipid Antibody syndrome, an autoimmune disorder.

● Other diseases within the mother: Thyroid disorders, uncontrolled diabetes, etc. are conditions that will prevent pregnancy.

● Difficulty in embryo transfer: One common explanation for failed IVF treatment or IVF procedure failure is that the embryo transfer. Problems during embryo transfer or blood seen at catheter tips indicate a high chance of failure during this infertility treatment.

● Suboptimal stimulation of the ovaries: This also increases your risk of repeat IVF treatment or IVF procedure failure thanks to the lack within the production of eggs for fertilization.

● Age: Not every teenager or young woman will always have regular, ovulatory cycles. Hence to deem such an individual as infertile would be incorrect. Sadly, we still encounter women who are married at an early age and bear the pressure to conceive, although their hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis isn't yet stable. and ladies above 35 years, start experiencing a drastic change in their hormonal levels after infertility treatment.

● Weight: don't just rule out that being overweight causes a high risk of IVF procedure or IVF treatment failure. As women who are underweight also can experience repeated IVF failure.

● Overweight/ Obese: the ladies need assistance with conception because they mainly suffer from PCOS symptoms thanks to ovulation, or often have miscarriages and better chances of missed abortions. The hormonal changes cause being androgenic, which successively causes poor quality eggs and thus, poor embryos through IVF treatment or IVF procedure.

● Underweight/anorexic: Women who are underweight/anorexic/athletes/those doing strenuous exercises, often fail to ovulate thanks to the decrease within the hormone estrogen. This might cause absent or irregular periods. Some may present as a variation of Polycystic ovaries.


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