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Psychological Stress and Infertility

Why do people get married? Well, there are several answers to the present question but the foremost straightforward answer is because marriage may be a stage within the growth of an individual that helps him/her get to parenthood. But to be a parent, one must have a toddler.

Infertility may be a huge concern because it hinders the transition to parenthood. Infertility results in stress which keeps on advancing to depression among other severe effects like anxiety and marital problems.

Infertility and stress are very closely related. For a couple, infertility could also be caused by stress and stress could also be caused by infertility. Infertility treatment might be the last word solution to an individual’s problem and also maybe stress therapy is that the eventual remedy.

● Can stress cause infertility?
Yes, stress can cause infertility. Unlike functional infertility which is caused by unusual psychological functioning of any or both partners during a couple, stress can cause infertility within the following ways:

In females, stress triggers suppression of cycle which results in elevated prolactin which successively may cause irregular ovulation. Also in females, stress may cause production of hormones which can interfere with the movement of gametes through the Fallopian tube or alter with the uterine blood flow.

In males, stress can cause infertility by lowering the amount of sperm, reducing the semen volume, suppressing libido, causing erection dysfunction hence reducing the frequency of intercourse.

● Why is infertility stressful?
Many couples plan their lives even before marriage. After now realizing that they're infertile, all their plans are nullified. This results in physical, physiological and even financial stress.

● How can stress be reduced?
Several books give remedies to worry like meditation, deep breathing, message, positive thinking among others. You can also opt yoga or some activity classes.

● How to handle the infertility blues?
○ Know everything about your condition,
○ Accept your condition and stop hiding it
○ Socialize together with your best friends, those that offers emotional support
○ Do not pity yourself, rather love yourself and count your blessings.

Infertility is stressful but remember, it can be treated and you can achieve the parenthood. For more information, get in touch with the experts at First Step IVF today!


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