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Myths about Infertility

If someone is diagnosed with infertility, it can indeed be a stressful and bitter truth for them. The condition might cause a state of lack of panic thanks to the varied myths and misinformation associated with the condition. At the First Step IVF, we believe that the couples got to put faith in their treatment. We also advise that they struggle with the choice of IVF after carefully considering and trying out all the opposite alternatives. For the nonce, we might wish to consider the myths we face and therefore the corresponding truth.

Myth #1: contraception Pills can cause Infertility
The Facts: it's false that contraception results in infertility. Usually, women get pregnant as soon as they stop taking contraception pills or other methods of contraception. While withdrawal from implants or injection might show some delay, pill, patch, ring, and IUDs cause an almost immediate return to fertility.

Myth #2: Irregular cycle is a sign of Infertility
The Facts: While the conception is going to be harder with women who have irregular periods, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they're infertile. Stress, an excessive amount of workouts, and a few health issues may cause irregular periods.

Myth #3: A Woman’s Age Doesn’t Influence Fertility
The Facts: Age certainly features a lot to try to do with fertility. the lady is at the height of her fertility during her 20s, which gradually starts declining in her 30s. The conception makes it tons harder after crossing the age of 35 and more improbable after 40.

Myth #4: Women with PCOS or Endometriosis can’t conceive
The Facts: a lady with PCOS can’t be counted as infertile. True, she may require more effort and time to conceive than women who don’t have this condition. She must consult the doctor regarding her condition and check out to enhance her reproductive health by seeking the proper treatment.

Myth #5: Only the lady must check out her Fertility Issues
The Facts: the lads stand nearly an equal chance of being infertile. Therefore the man’s fertility level must be checked. The failure to conceive could be happening just thanks to the Male factor infertility.

Myth #6: Infertility is rare
The Facts: Infertility isn't as rare as we perceive it. Many couples around the world face the condition. Certain health conditions, advancing age, and modern lifestyle contribute to the condition.

Myth #7: Infertility may be a Psychological Problem
The Facts: Although high-stress levels might influence our ability to conceive, Infertility nearly always features a physical cause.


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