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Is Egg Freezing The Right Alternative?

You may have heard from a lot of news and media coverage that the number of women choosing egg freezing as a method to delay childbearing without the risk of their most fertile years passing them by are increasing rapidly. On asking, women mostly say that they travel a lot. They are growing in age and busy building their career that they have no time to get married, so they want to do something to take charge of their fertility.

Let discuss egg freezing and if opting for egg freezing is the right option:

What is the process of Egg-Freezing?
During a normal menstrual cycle, the brain generally signals every month to release one egg (whereas fertility doctors trigger to release multiple eggs). So, to stimulate multiple eggs within the ovaries, there requires the administration of fertility medications. The process of retrieving eggs is done in the same manner as is performed for In vitro fertilization (IVF). The eggs are then gathered from the ovaries and frozen for future use.

The steps involved in egg freezing are:
1. Stimulating ovaries with hormone injections to produce many eggs.
2. Monitoring of eggs and hormone levels by the physician.
3. Retrieving eggs and frozen for later use.

Does Egg Freezing enable you to conceive?
There is not any guarantee. However, it is certainly an option, as there are enormous factors that should be taken into consideration while making any successful pregnancy. So far as the egg freezing procedure is concerned, if the eggs are younger and greater in number, the chances of getting pregnant with the process increase to a great extent.

Is Egg Freezing the Right alternative?
You can consider egg freezing if you want to have kids but you are not at that stage of your life where you think yourself ready to be a parent. Cancer patients, going through the treatment of chemotherapy, struggle in conception. Therefore, for such patients suffering from any life-threatening diseases, egg freezing is considered a ray of hope to become a parent by preserving eggs before treatments like chemotherapy for future use. Ideally, planning for egg freezing should be done before turning 35 because the egg supply starts declining after that age. So, if you think you are mentally prepared to have a child at the age of 40, you can simply work on having a child with the frozen eggs as there is no expiration date for frozen eggs. Just make sure that you are physically fit and healthy, as it will play a crucial role in your fertility process.

Ultimately, the decision to freeze your eggs is only yours, which needs to be made carefully. If you want to know more about egg freezing or planning to freeze your eggs for the future, contact the fertility experts for egg freezing in delhi at First Step IVF today!


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