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Common Questions That You Expect About Pregnancy

If you are trying to conceive, or you recently received the happy news that you are might be expecting, there might have many questions in your mind about what to expect around pregnancy- Like

How many appointments will you need to get during pregnancy to the doctor? What needs to be done about morning sickness? Can you do the same intensity exercise as before?

1. How to determine the due date?
You can determine the due date from the first day of the last normal menstrual cycle. Generally, the due date is 40 weeks. You can determine based on a standard period cycle of 28 days. This means it is 38 weeks from conception.

If you don't know when was your last period, in that case, an ultrasound will help you in determining the due date after the very first six weeks of your pregnancy.

2. How can you overcome your morning sickness? For how long will you experience morning sickness?
Morning sickness will have severe effects on many women, while some don't experience it at all. Morning sickness varies in each individual. Generally, there is not any medicine that goes with your morning sickness. However, some natural remedies can be helpful, for example- multivitamins like B6 and B1 and ginger. Some foods bring you nausea more than others. Doctors always advise their patients to approach it with the try-out mindset to see what works for them. Your morning sickness turning point starts once your pregnancy gets 16 weeks. Morning sickness that continues after 16 weeks is very rare.

3. For how many times do I need to visit the doctor during pregnancy?
If we generally say, visiting 10-12 times will work out for you. Most doctors see their patients from about 10-12 weeks. After week 10, you can start seeing an obstetrician. From this, you can monitor your health and the baby's health. Visiting the doctor will be from every 4-6 weeks up to 28 weeks, and every 2-3 weeks up to 36 weeks. After 36 weeks, there will be weekly visits to doctors. Seeing a doctor may vary from the individual depending upon your health and the baby's health.

4. What kind of procedure is involved at the prenatal appointment?
• Measuring your blood pressure
• Checking your weight
• Including taking a urine sample to check the quantity of protein and sugar.
• Observe the swelling in your hands, feet, or face.
• Examine your belly in the second and third trimesters to check your baby size and position. However, feeling a baby position before 27 weeks is not very easy.

5. What type of exercise is okay for you to continue during pregnancy?
Generally, the doctor advises that if you are already doing exercises, you can continue to do 80% of it. While pregnant, exercising helps you to continue for general health. Exercising helps you to maintain weight gain as well as to reduce stress.

6. Do you need to eat more while pregnant?
Speaking of dieting while pregnant, there is a misconception about it. Generally, you need to continue a healthy diet with the addition of 350-450 calories per day. For example, add a few healthy snacks throughout your days like green veggies, carrots, and hummus, fruits, etc.

Taking a diet also depends on your pregnancy, such as current weight, height, and trimester. For more assurance, speak to your doctor and get proper guidance to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

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