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Effect Of Daily Diet On Your Fertility

A daily diet has a significant impact on your health. Whenever you are diagnosed with some medical condition, the first thing that you are expected to do is to change your type and quantity of food. Numerous studies indicate that the diet you intake either boosts up your fertility level or reduces it. Consuming a healthy diet increases your chances of conceiving naturally or along with medical assistance using IVF treatments. Moreover, after conception, eating a healthy diet improves your fetus' development in the womb.

Effect of Healthy Diet on Fertility:
The body requires several essential nutrients, including antioxidants, vitamins, hormones, etc., for the healthy functioning of your reproductive system. Folic acid plays a crucial role in egg maturation before the ovulation process and DNA replication. You need to consume a healthy diet that includes fresh foods carrying all the required nutrients, preferably organic ones. Pesticides and herbicides have an alarming effect on your fertility levels. Hydration plays a significant role in the smooth functioning of your body's reproductive system.

Effect of Unhealthy Diet on Fertility:
Unhealthy food affects your body's ability to conceive. Fertility problems and miscarriages are associated with an unhealthy diet and weight gain, where trans fat is the major cause that affects fertility levels, affecting your regular ovulatory cycle. Trans fat is found in packaged food and fast food that is easily available in the market. When trying to conceive, the first thing you need to do is cut trans fat from your diet. In addition, fatty food also affects male sperm counts. Besides, the intake of alcohol can harm folic acid levels in the body.

A healthy diet with a dense amount of nutrients that help in normal hormonal production, function, balance, and development of the fetus are suggested to couples going through infertility issues. Moreover, you need to do some moderate exercise, along with a healthy diet to help you have a healthy baby.

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