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Coronavirus and pregnancy: What You Need to Know If you are pregnant

If you're pregnant, it’s natural that you simply would feel concerned about the new coronavirus, COVID-19, that's rapidly spreading across the world. Although, as of now, various cases of the virus are mild but still the virus is causing serious illness and death in some cases. you're probably wondering how the virus might affect you and your unborn baby.

In general, pregnant women are more vulnerable to illness than non-pregnant women, as pregnancy decreases your system response.

Are There Special Precautions a Pregnant Mom Should Take?
As a general rule, pregnant women should take extra precautions to avoid contracting an illness, due to the danger it poses to both them and their developing babies. and since there's still such a lot we don’t realize COVID-19, it is sensible for pregnant women to still be vigilant in terms of protecting themselves from infection.

Here are few top recommendations:
• Try to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water
• Use alcohol-based hand sanitizers when hand washing isn't possible
• Make sure to remain far away from sick people
• Stay home whenever possible if you're sick
• Don’t forget to get enough sleep
• Follow a healthy diet
• Make sure all of your routine vaccines

Symptoms of COVID-19
Many COVID-19 symptoms resemble those of the cold and flu; often only mild cold symptoms are found. Other symptoms of COVID-19 are as follows:
• Fever
• Cough
• Shortness of breath

What Should a Pregnant Lady Do If She Suspects that She Has COVID-19?
If you're experiencing what you think that are symptoms of COVID-19, it’s understandable that you simply would be very concerned! Remember that your doctor or midwife is there for you ought to you've got any concerns. During a time like this, and any time during your pregnancy, you ought to never hesitate to succeed in out if you've got worrying health symptoms.

According to the CDC, it takes about 2-14 days to point out signs of the virus after you’ve been exposed, and most of the people are infected via respiratory droplets from close contact with people that are already infected.

If you're a pregnant mom exhibiting any signs of COVID-19 or may have had contact with someone who was infected with it, it’s best to call your doctor directly to share your concerns, possible testing, treatment options, also as any next steps.

Your doctor will assess your symptoms, review your travel history, and choose whether are infected with COVID-19. If your doctor suspects something, they'll order testing.


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