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know about Foreskin

Things you should know about Foreskin

1. What is the foreskin?
The foreskin is the skin covering the distal part of the penis. This part of the penis is called the glans penis.

2. As we grow older, what changes are seen in the foreskin?
As we grow older, by the age of 7-8 years, the foreskin can be retracted back. Sometimes earlier also. Parents are advised to examine their child’s foreskin and clean it during every bath, especially after the age of 8 years.

3. What is phimosis?
The inability to retract the prepuce fully is called phimosis.

4. Problems with phimosis?
Difficulty in passing urine and skin infection are common problems. Infections can lead to pus formation, pain, and swelling.

5. What are the sexual problems with phimosis?
The inability to retract the prepuce during intercourse causes a lot of pain and discomfort. This especially happens when unprotected intercourse is done.

6. How can we prevent phimosis?
Daily cleaning of the penis and gentle retraction of the foreskin can prevent a lot of complications.

7. How can I prevent phimosis myself?
Gentle daily retraction of the foreskin during bath and use of simple lubricants like coconut oil can really help.

8. Any advice for diabetic patients?
Diabetics are very prone to develop balanoposthitis, which is an infection of the glans penis and foreskin. They should practice daily local hygiene and keep their blood sugars in control.

9. What if I develop an infection of the foreskin?
Consult your doctor immediately, simple antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines will help.

10. When do I need circumcision?
If you are having repeated foreskin infections or the inability to retract the prepuce causes discomfort during intercourse- circumcision is recommended.

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