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Can A Woman Get Pregnant If A Man Has Low Sperm Count?

Our hectic schedule, unhealthy lifestyle, junk food, etc., have made our life quite challenging. Because of all these and other medical issues, many couples are facing issues to get pregnant. Fortunately, modern medical science is having treatment of infertility issues.
Low sperm count does not mean that you cannot conceive. If the sperms are not healthy or have low sperm count then it might take some more attempt for conception. For this, you must visit a fertility expert for assisted reproductive techniques or diagnosing the issues of low sperm count. They examine you and prescribe the best treatment.

The main causes of low sperm count are:
• abnormal hormonal secretion
• swollen vein around the testicle.

These issues can affect the testicle’s ability to make sperm. In addition to this, some lifestyle factors also contribute to low sperm count.

Things you can do to improve sperm health are:
1. Lose weight
Losing weight if you’re overweight is one of the single-most effective things you can do to increase sperm count. weight loss can significantly increase semen volume, concentration, and mobility, as well as the overall health of sperm.

2. Exercise
Even if you don’t need to lose weight, staying active and leading a healthy lifestyle can help boost your sperm count. Exercise can also help you maintain or lose weight, which may have additional benefits for your sperm health.

3. Take your vitamins
Some types of vitamins, including vitamins D, C, E are important for sperm health. These can help men’s sperm concentration and mobility. The overall sperm count won’t improve, but the sperm can become more concentrated and able to move more efficiently. That can boost your chances of conceiving successfully.

Talk to your doctor about testing your vitamin levels. They can do this using a simple blood test.

4. Avoid substance abuse
Low sperm counts and unhealthy sperm have been linked to people with a history of:
• heavy drinking
• tobacco
• use of any kind illegal drug including cocaine.

If you use any of these substances and are having trouble quitting, talk to your doctor. They can recommend programs to help manage and treat addiction.

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