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Egg Freezing in Delhi - Best way to preserve fertility

More women are delaying motherhood but they still face the constraint of their biological clocks. If the time isn't right for you to start out a family, technology offers a chance to require control of your reproductive health and postpone pregnancy until a later date. Freezing your eggs is an act of empowerment, allowing you to preserve your reproductive ability.
Egg freezing is often beneficial for a variety of reasons. Egg freezing offers an opportunity to preserve eggs before they're all depleted.

What is Egg Freezing?
Egg freezing involves stimulating, extracting, freezing, and storing a woman’s eggs. The eggs are often thawed months, or maybe years, later and fertilized, creating embryos. These embryos then are often transferred to the uterus in an effort to realize a successful pregnancy.

Am I A Candidate For Egg Freezing?
If you're considering egg freezing, we urge you to contact us. We'll consult our IVF specialist and send you an inventory of a couple of medical tests that she is going to need for her opinion.
Egg freezing depends upon egg production, which is predicated on the amount of eggs that are still in your ovaries and the way they're going to answer the medications required for the ovaries to form eggs.

The Process of Freezing Your Eggs
To freeze eggs, fertility doctors stimulate a woman’s ovaries to supply multiple eggs (more than the regular one egg per cycle), with fertility drugs. Eggs are retrieved within the same manner as is performed for in vitro fertilization (IVF). Fertility medications are administered to stimulate the event of multiple eggs within the ovaries. Fertility doctors then harvest these eggs from the ovaries and freeze them for later use.

Will Egg Freezing Enable Me to Have a Baby?
Many factors enter into making a successful pregnancy. There are not any absolute guarantees. Your chances of ultimately having a baby following egg freezing are greater when the eggs are both younger and greater in number.

How do I begin the Egg Freezing process?
You can contact us to book a meeting.


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