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Every woman dreams of motherhood. Sometimes becoming pregnant is not an easy task due to infertility. Today more and more are suffering from this ailment. Infertility is a condition where a woman doesn't get pregnant. It is termed as infertility if a couple is having unprotected sex for a year and still don’t get pregnant. It means it is time for you to consult an IVF specialist in Delhi. Such a specialist will guide you in achieving a successful pregnancy. There are many ways to cure infertility once a person knows its cause.

Cause of Infertility
It is not simple to pinpoint a single factor that is responsible for Infertility. Mostly it happens due to multiple factors. It would be wrong to assume that a person is born with it. Sometimes it is attributed to outside factors as well as genes.

Here are a few prominent scenarios which increase the chances of infertility in women.

Ovulation Disorder
Most women usually ovulate on time and in the right manner. When ovulation doesn’t happen, it is dubbed as Ovulation disorder. In ovulation disorder, the release of eggs gets impacted. It affects only women who suffer from thyroid conditions like Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroid. There are chances women may develop it due to hormonal disorders like polycystic ovaries syndrome.

Doing Exercises
It is an unknown fact but it may also lead to infertility. This will only happen if you are over-exercising. It is not exactly clear how it is attributed but it has emerged as a factor in the latest research.

Uterine Abnormality
This is the most common reason for Infertility amongst women. Our uterine walls help in supporting the pregnancy. But this isn't the case when a woman has a uterine abnormality. In uterine abnormality, the cervix and shape of the uterus block ovulation and fertilization. This makes it hard for sperm to pass and fertilise eggs leading to infertility.

Fallopian Blockage
The fallopian tube is crucial in determining the success of any pregnancy. Any sudden inflammation in the fallopian tube due to Pelvic inflammatory disease can lead to infertility amongst women.

The age at which you conceive is yet another factor. It is difficult to conceive after the age of 32 as our body makes fewer eggs. Hence escalating the chances of infertility.

Premature Menopause
This is a very rare scenario. When menopause happens in your 40’s it affects the ovaries and egg production.

Undergoing Cancer Treatment
Cancer takes a toll on your reproductive health. Most cancer treatments include radiation and chemotherapy. It leads to infertility making it difficult to ascertain pregnancy.

Right Infertility Treatment
Today there are many treatments available for infertility. It goes the long way in fulfilling your dream of pregnancy. There have been various technological advancements which have made infertility curable.

IVF or In vitro fertilization is the biggest boon for curing infertility. Today most women opt to undergo IVF treatment. Let’s know more about it. IVF is beneficial as it works in situations like PCOS, Hormonal disorders and sudden miscarriage.

How does IVF work?
IVF is a very specific technique. In IVF, a doctor would remove the eggs from the ovary. It is analysed and fertilised in a dish under the supervision of a doctor. Before undergoing IVF, the Doctor would ask your medical as well as infertility history. Once the ovaries reserve is determined, the doctor would start giving medicines to boost egg production. Matured eggs are surgically removed and fertilised and planted back in your uterus. It works for women equally well for women over 35 years.

Start your journey of parenthood today
‘Infertility treatment cost’ may increase with the time you're waiting as egg or sperm quality lessens with the time. Older couples require more cycles, acquiring more costs at the top , younger couples have more chances of straightforward treatments. The couple can use donor eggs or sperm to conceive, If the egg or sperm is not any longer workable, and it adds another cost.

Sincere dedication to serve couples within the journey of parenthood is our approach. This journey requires expertise and assistance for a few to accomplish the dream of parenthood. The fertility journey is taken care of by our Fertility team throughout the entire process. For more information, contact the experts at First Step IVF today!

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