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Reasons You Shouldn’t Delay Fertility Treatments

It’s becoming more common for couples to grow their families later in life. But if you or your partner will need fertility treatments, it’s important to get in and see a reproductive specialist sooner rather than later. Learn why the experts at First Step IVF suggest you shouldn’t put it off any longer.

Women know their biological clock is ticking, but it may come as a surprise that fertility can start to decline in a woman’s 30s. By 40, mother and baby’s risks increase—mom could have a complicated pregnancy, while baby could have genetic issues.

A man’s fertility also decreases around age 40, due to lower sperm quality. So, the earlier you decide to seek fertility care, the better outcome for mom and baby.

Costs may go up the longer you wait simply because your egg or sperm quality diminishes over time. Simpler treatments that work for younger couples may not work for older couples, or older couples may need more cycles, incurring more costs in the end. If the egg or sperm are no longer viable, a couple may also need to use donor eggs or sperm to conceive, at yet another cost.

Overall health can also be affected as we age. You may be healthier in your 20s, but if you develop prediabetes, fibroids, thyroid disease, or become obese as the years go on, it may be harder to get pregnant. If you know you want a family, try to stay healthy and don’t delay necessary treatments.

If you are worried that delaying fertility will leave you unable to conceive, talk to our doctors at a First Step IVF. We can develop a fertility treatment plan that is right for you. Even if this is not the right time to start a family, we have options available to preserve your fertility, such as egg freezing and sperm freezing for future use.


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