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How to choose an egg donor for IVF treatment?

Whenever you consider IVF as a treatment option for conception, it is important to choose the right egg donor. For that, you need to consider a few factors before making any decisions as they may affect your future. The word 'egg donor' isn’t as simple a process as it seems to be. Several factors depend on while choosing the donor, like the quality of the egg is important as this will decide your future family happiness.

Unknown vs Known Egg Donor
This is one of the most important decisions you will make before starting your IVF journey. You have to decide whether the donor will be anonymous or known for your donor egg IVF process. There is only one difference seen between unknown or known donors. With a known donor, you can predict the involvement & connection that you would like to have in your egg donor & your child’s life. But an unknown donor case is different as you do not meet them personally, and their identity always remains unidentified.

Physical Appearance
This factor also plays a vital role in egg donation procedures. You get to know better about your donors' physical traits by seeing their childhood and latest pictures, whether they are a good match for you or not. However, with known donors, once they have been approved medically by your IVF clinic, you have better chances as you get the opportunity to meet them personally. If the physical traits are not significant enough as you want, you can go for more options.

It is important to know about the clinical history of your donors as this can affect your child's future health. It even helps you evaluate whether the donor might have any genetic disorders or diseases. It can be known by doing certain tests or medical screening.

Choose the donor that has done it before
Choosing the donor who has done it before the egg donation process may have its benefits, but yes, it doesn’t guarantee positive results. Working with an experienced donor is relaxing or easier as she is already familiar with all procedures required in egg donation procedure, and she knows what to do or what not to do.

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