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Reasons Why Couples choose IVF


Basic Reasons Why Couples choose IVF

In vitro Fertilization is one among the foremost common treatment options for ladies to possess a toddler . When a few fails to realize pregnancy for quite a year, the fertility doctors suggest IVF treatment for a patient if they need one among the subsequent concerns given as :

1. Tubal Factor Infertility

Partial or complete blockage of the fallopian tubes is one among the foremost common reasons for IVF. The very fact of the matter is that IVF was originally developed to treat women with abnormal or blocked fallopian tubes. The IVF process bypasses the damaged tubes. With IVF, fertilization of the eggs and early embryo development occurs within the laboratory. The fertilized eggs are then implanted directly into the uterus. For this reason, when IVF is completed because the explanation for infertility is broken or abnormal tubes, the prospect of success – that's , a healthy full-term pregnancy – is high.

2. Male Factor Infertility

Abnormalities in sperm number or low sperm count are considered the second commonest reason for IVF. When a patient is diagnosed with male factor infertility, the treatment options largely depend upon the severity of the matter . The foremost typical infertility procedure in such cases involves placing the sperm directly into the uterus employing a small catheter. in additional severe cases, when sperm count, motility, or morphology is poor, the sole option is IVF. Following the egg, sperm is injected directly into the eggs, through a procedure, ICSI, allows for fertilization to occur even in cases when the sperm parameters are extremely poor, and has revolutionized the treatment of male factor infertility.

3. Age-Related Infertility

As women age, the probability of becoming pregnant also decreases. The standard of eggs diminishes drastically after a lady reaches 35 and also increases the danger of miscarriage or birth defects. That’s why, IVF is usually recommended by the doctors to pick the foremost viable eggs and embryos, when treating women over 35 who are battling with infertility.

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