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Preserve your fertility with Egg Freezing in Delhi

What is freezing of eggs?
Egg freezing is a process of preserving a woman’s eggs (oocytes) to be used in future. In this process, a woman’s oocytes are extracted, frozen and stored to protect the reproductive potential in the women. This is a very successful method which is widely used these days.

Who needs Egg Freezing?
Egg freezing can be advantageous for many reasons for various women facing issues such as:
• cancer
• the possibility of fertility issues in a later stage
• surgery that may cause dangerous for ovary
• premature failure of ovary due to chromosomal abnormalities
• wants late childbearing to pursue education, career, etc.


When should you think about freezing your eggs?
According to doctors the best age to preserve your egg is in the late 20s. Or 30s, if you are planning to delay your pregnancy due to any reason. You can still preserve your eggs if you are in your late 40s, but the rate of success after 40yrs of age decreases.

Factor affecting the success of egg freezing?
Many factors can influence the success of egg freezing. Such as
• Age of woman
• Quality and quantity of eggs
• Medical history
• Time for which the egg is kept freezing
• Genetics

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