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What to look for when choosing a Fertility/IVF Centre?

If you have been searching the internet for your infertility issues, this article may be relevant to you. Infertility affects at least 15% of married couples; it is more common than you think. If you are unable to have a child after one year of regular trying, it is better to consult a specialist doctor.

Here is a checklist for consultation.
1. Choose your Doctor. Look for fertility centers/ clinics where the doctor’s name and degrees are displayed prominently. The doctor has to be a certified Gynecologist with special training in IVF procedures. A majority of these places are run by non gynecologists or some are even run by pharmaceutical graduates, hence medical quacks!!! In fact, you can browse the websites on the first page of your Google search and dig a little deeper to see for yourself.

2. A larger hoarding or a banner does not mean a better fertility centre. Do not follow advice written on auto rickshaw posters or tree fixed hoardings. You are intelligent enough to understand their modus operandi. You may come across advertisements offering “monsoon packages” as if you are going to buy a television or a microwave oven.

3. Do not go for free consultations. Do not go by the prices advertised blindly. Sadly, many centers give packages (6 IVF cycles in a particular amount or money back) and discounts to lure potential couples. A couple may eventually spend the same amount in these shops as in a good honest centre. How can a doctor or hospital guarantee a child if our God has not give any guarantee?

4. When you do choose a centre, make sure you are explained the problem and its solution in detail. Transparency in the line of management to be taken, and the expected costs will help you decide whether you will be comfortable in that particular centre.

5. Find a centre where there is an in house Gynecologist & Andrologist. This will prevent you running around for any issues pertaining to male infertility.

6. A good IVF laboratory with a qualified Embryologist is an important part of a good IVF centre. Couple should always realize that IVF procedures require a dedicated team where each member is important.

7. Do not fall for centers with pseudo inflated success rates. The average pregnancy rates with IVF/ICSI procedures are in the range of 30-50% worldwide, in the best of centers. They may vary with the nature of the medical problems but this figure should be clear to you.

8. A positive ambience, a courteous staff and an empathic Doctor will help you more than a corporate structured building with a business like environment.

Fertility problems have a lot of psychological impact on our lives. Not to have a child is a still a taboo in our country. Do not let this so called regressive mentality of our society affect you. With the right kind of help, you will be able to have a child. Remember a majority of couples will not need an IVF procedure. They may be helped simply by hormonal treatment and simple procedures like IUI.
Choose well, choose wisely.


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