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Are you at the Risk of Fertility Problems?

Some people with fertility problems never even know it until they try to have a baby. That’s because often times infertility issues don’t have symptoms. So, whether you’re actively trying to have children or just planning to in the future, it’s good to know if anything you or your partner are doing might reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

While you can’t control everything that might affect your fertility, there are some things you can.

Risk Factors for Infertility
Both Males and Females are at equal risk of fertility problems. In about one-third of cases, both partners have issues, or doctors can’t find the cause.

Some of the factors that affect a couple’s ability to have a baby include:

• Age
There are fixed number of eggs with which a woman is born. That number drops as she ages, making it harder for her to get pregnant after she reaches her mid-30s. By 40, her chances of getting pregnant drop more. A man becomes less fertile after age 40.

Can you lower your risk?
Sort of. When you’re ready to have children, don’t wait. The younger you are the better.

• Smoking
If you smoke tobacco or marijuana, you’re less likely to get pregnant. Such products can lead in the increase of a woman’s chance of miscarriage, and also the decrease sperm count in men. Smokers also hit menopause about 2 years earlier than non-smokers. It can also cause erectile dysfunction (ED).

Can you lower your risk?
Yes. Don’t smoke or use tobacco products of any kind.

• Drinking alcohol
It’s not safe for a woman to consume alcohol while trying to conceive or during the pregnancy. It can lead to birth defects. It may also lower your chances of getting pregnant and drinking heavily can decrease sperm count in men.

Can you lower your risk?
Yes. Strictly avoid the consumption of alcohol when trying to conceive.

• Weight
Women who are overweight can have irregular periods and also might skip ovulation. Also, the women who are extremely underweight are also on the high risk of getting affected by the problems -- their reproductive systems can shut down completely. Men who are obese have chances of lower-quality sperm or Erectile Dysfunction.

Can you lower your risk?
Yes. Maintain your body weight. Include yoga and exercise in your daily routine. Eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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