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Womens Age Affect Fertility

How does women’s age affect fertility?

Age is considered one of the most important factors affecting fertility in both males and females. In women, fertility is at the peak in the early teens and mid-20s, which starts declining with passing years. Women’s fertility is majorly dependent on their egg pool. The higher the number of eggs the higher is the fertility score of a woman. With the increasing age, this egg count decreases and leads to problems of infertility. And since there is no natural way to regaining the egg count inside the body with increasing age which gets worst for females who is born without or minimal eggs, thus making them infertile.

With the advancement in technology, the medical industry has also witnessed significant miracles especially when it comes to women’s health. Getting pregnant for an infertile woman is now easier with infertility treatment in Delhi provided at First Step IVF.

According to the experts at the best IVF center in west Delhi, there is a dramatic drop in the ovarian reserve after 35yrs of age along with the declining quality of eggs. While a healthy lifestyle and good mental and physical health improves the chance of conception and having a healthy baby, it does not escape the effects of age on a woman’s fertility.

It is completely a misconception that infertility treatments can control age-related infertility. This is why the success of treatment from the best IVF center in Delhi is totally dependent on the patient’s age. The risk of miscarriage and chromosomal abnormalities like mental retardation, Down syndrome, and neural tube defects in the fetus increases significantly in the pregnancy after 35 years onwards.

Adding, complications such as gestational diabetes, Pregnancy-induced hypertension, intrauterine growth retardation, premature delivery, cesarean section, and stillbirth in older women are more significant than in younger women.

What can be done to improve the pregnancy results?
Women can help protect their fertility from the natural aging process by leading a healthy lifestyle. It is important to perform regular exercise, moderate caffeine intake, a balanced diet, and a healthy weight range.

1. Plan a child before 35 years of age to have a healthy child.
2. Go for egg freezing at a younger age and use them later

Evidently, if these natural processes do not provide the expected outcomes it is advised to contact the expert doctors of the First Step IVF, to get reliable infertility treatment in India. Book an appointment today!


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