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Chances Of Getting Pregnant After The 40s

Fertility is a major issue that 40s women have to face who are planning to have a child. Conceiving is difficult after a certain age, and even once a woman does conceive the chances of miscarriage are higher. Although there is data about the effect of age on pregnancy, there are no good statistics on the effect of age on conceiving naturally. After the age of 40s conceiving chances are lesser for women. Women are blessed with a number of good eggs for a limited period of their age. As the women age starts to decline the ovulation rate also starts declining, leading the women to enter into their menopause stage. Although in the 40s still women also release an egg each month. What causes all these problems? Is it about their eggs?

Nowadays, women in their 40s might be physically fit but despite being completely fit, the eggs still can't do it. Unfortunately for fixing this, there are no medications. After the age of 40s eggs are more likely to be responsible for abnormalities or less fertile during pregnancy. Because of this, the chance of miscarriages and the risk of down syndrome in babies increases. Even IVF treatment can't cure this issue. IVF is still a good option for women who are in their 40s because the success rate with IVF is higher than conceiving naturally. The rate of IVF falls after the age of 40 and by the age of 45, it is zero.

Despite all of these things, many women conceive in their 40s either naturally or by IVF treatment. It is always good to start a family earlier. But don't lose hope just because you passed the 40s. Our experts at first step IVF can help and guide you to start your family.
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