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How to Travel Safely with Fertility Medication

Undergoing fertility treatments doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be stuck at home all time. Taking a vacation may be just the distraction you and your partner need! Before planning a trip, the fertility specialists at First Step IVF suggest keeping a few things in mind.

• Check your schedule
Speak to your medical team and ask them if there are any dates that are critical to your fertility treatment. Then plan your vacation around those times. It’s highly recommended to double check your travel plans with your fertility doctor before booking.

• Order extras
Packing more medication than you think you’ll need is a smart move in case your plans change or an unexpected delay occurs. Place an order far enough ahead of time so it arrives before your vacation.

• Get a doctor’s note
Bring a letter stating that you need to travel with fertility medications in case anyone questions you.

• Call ahead
If you are flying, it is best to call the airline beforehand to let them know you have to bring fertility medications and supplies onboard.

• Monitor the temperature
If your medications need to stay cool, store them with an ice pack while traveling and make sure you have access to a fridge upon arrival.

• Keep them close
Pack your medications in your carry-on bag. If your checked bags get lost, you don’t want to risk losing your fertility supplies as well.

• Know your destination
Find a pharmacy, hospital, and/or fertility clinic near your accommodations in case you need to make an emergency visit while you’re away from home. Check with your nurse and doctor, as they may have recommendations depending on where you will be traveling. Save the addresses and phone numbers in your phone for quick access.

• Know the time
If your travel destination is in a different time zone, try to take your medication as close to your normal schedule as possible. Set an alarm on your phone to keep you on track.

With a little bit of preparation, you can enjoy a getaway without disrupting your fertility treatment routine. For information about fertility treatments in Delhi, contact First Step IVF today.


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