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Role of Semen Analysis in the Treatment of Male Infertility

Nowadays, conceiving naturally is a common problem for couples. Don't let infertility become the barrier in the way of your future happiness. That is why IVF specialists suggest every woman try to conceive naturally during their 20s or 30s. You may fail on the very first attempt. If you have been trying to conceive for almost one year and still fail to get pregnant, then this may be a sign of concern that you need to see the IVF specialist.

Infertile couples seek expert help with their reproductive health. They prefer to discuss their problems with an IVF specialist, and at the FirstStep IVF, the best IVF clinic in Delhi, you can get the best advice and treatment from our fertility experts to beat the infertility demon. FirstStep IVF always makes sure that you get the best and latest facility technology treatment.

Here are some factors that will decide when you need to see the IVF specialist for consultation.

Old Age factor
The age factor plays an essential role in pregnancy. Women below 35, who try to conceive for almost a year and still get damaging results, should see a doctor. As women get older, the fertility rate also begins to decline, and around the age of 40-45 years, there comes the menopause stage, where everything gets completely exhausted.

Health Factor
Several health factors can become the barrier for a woman to get pregnant. In women, hormonal imbalances occur due to thyroid disorder and lead to infertility, miscarriages, etc. However, you can manage your thyroid with certain medications and conceive with fertility treatment.

Women with PCOS and endometriosis are advised to consult the IVF specialist whenever they decide to get pregnant. Due to endometriosis, several issues arise and affect the pelvic environment that damage the tubes and weaken the ovaries. As a result, their chances of conceiving naturally become lesser.

Some reasons may ask to visit a specialist for the consultation like irregular periods, pain in the pelvic region, multiple miscarriages. If you have any of these symptoms, you are advised to consult a specialist before it is too late to achieve the hope of your life.

It is advised that women with chronic medical conditions like kidney complications, hypertension, cancer, or any genetic disease like diabetes, Alzheimer's need to visit a specialist regularly if they are planning to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

Role of Male Factor
Women aren't the only ones who suffer from the infertility curse. It has been found that 40-45% of infertility cases involve malefactors. The infertility factors in males generally arise due to low or poor sperm count, which occurs due to conditions like cancer, testicular or pelvic injury, diabetes, obesity, etc. For deciding on any further step of treatment, it is essential to do the initial evaluation that is semen analysis.

A sexologist addresses that erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation also causes problems in conceiving. Other factors, like infections or sexually transmitted diseases, need to be treated immediately, as this can affect the quality and quantity of sperms. In all the conditions mentioned above, the male partner needs to see the fertility experts immediately.

It has always been advised not to look for home remedies, as age is an essential factor that decides your chances of getting pregnant. It would be best if you visited the IVF specialists as soon as possible to fight against the infertility evil spirit.


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