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How stress increase the chances of Infertility

Why is Marriage considered as a compulsory act by our ancestors? Well, there are many answers to this question but the most straightforward and exact answer is because marriage is a stage that helps the growth of a person that will give him/her chance to experience parenthood. But to experience parenthood, one must have a child. Infertility is a major concern as it hinders the transition to parenthood. The one inability to have children leads to stress which keeps on increasing to depression and some effects are severe such as anxiety and marital problems.

Infertility and stress are very closely related to each other. For an instance, infertility can be caused by stress, and stress can be caused by infertility. Infertility treatment is the perfect solution to an individual’s problem and also stress therapy proves to be a good remedy to cope up with stress. It is therefore important to understand the connection between the two and how you can cope up with them.

Can stress affect fertility?
• Yes, stress directly affects fertility. But not functional infertility which is caused by unusual psychological functioning of any or both partners, stress can cause infertility in such ways:
• In females, stress activates suppression of menstrual cycle which results in elevated prolactin and by that irregular ovulation can be caused.
• Also in females, stress may result in the production of hormones which may hinder the movement of gametes through the fallopian tube or alter with the uterine blood flow.
• In males, stress results in infertility by lowering their number of sperm, or reducing the semen volume, suppressing libido, causing erection dysfunction hence that may lead to reducing the frequency of intercourse.
• Also, as a result of stress, neuropeptides interact with all the body cells that include the immune system which may cause infertility.

Why is the period of infertility stressful?
Many couples plan their future even before marriage. And after now realizing that they are infertile due to some reasons, all their plans are in vain and that may leave them heartbroken and stressed. This can also lead to physical, physiological, and even financial distress.

Say no to stress
We understand that Stress caused by infertility is much depressing because it involves something that cannot be easily changed even with time. For helping to cope up with stress, several stress treatment methods should be used. Several remedies for stress such as meditation, deep breathing, massage, positive thinking among others. You can also approach stress with the books written that help you to get through it. And also which will help you to accept the things that you cannot change.

How to handle infertility stress?
• Know everything about your condition and your body,
• Accept your condition and stop hiding it. And see if you can do anything about it. And always stay positive about your body.
• Do not accept any negativity from unreasonable people, and don't give attention to their negative thoughts
• Socialize with your best friends, those who can offer emotional support, spend as much time with them, and always talk to them.
• Do not pity yourself, rather love yourself and count your blessings and always think and talk positively about your body.

Infertility is a hinder that can take away all the happiness that a couple had or they planned to have. The good thing is that it can be treated and you can experience parenthood. Treatment for such a condition has to be done by experts and specialists are needed. The First step IVF is the best clinic for IVF in Delhi. We have doctors who have specialized and are experienced in this particular treatment. Visit us today!


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