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yoga for fertility


These days women are opting for pregnancy at a later stage in life. Waiting until later isn’t essentially a bad thing. A report from the best fertility clinic in West Delhi has concluded that having a child a bit later in life can actually contribute to greater health and education for that child. In addition, Dr Priti Gupta- Consultant Fertility and IVF expert, explains, women who delay motherhood to explore education or career development may find that they’ve developed a stronger sense of their own identity before entering parenthood. But with delay comes the looming threat of infertility. In such a case, yoga can be of help. Since studies conducted by the best fertility clinic in West Delhi have now found a connection between pregnancy rates and would-be mothers’ stress levels, stress-reducing yoga, used in concert with conventional medical treatments, may increase the chances of conception.

Our normal, everyday live is filled with stress—from frightening news cycles to being stuck in traffic—and increased levels of stress can decrease fertility, as Dr Priti Gupta- consultant fertility and IVF expert explains. And some of the behaviors that we use to mitigate stress (for example, drinking or smoking) can negatively impact conception. While we can’t always prevent stressful situations, we can learn the way to cope with them in a healthier manner. Yoga gives us a way to do that, as it has been shown to reduce stress. In fact a research review by the best fertility clinic in West Delhi, First Step IVF, suggests that Yoga is as effective or more effective than exercise at regulating the sympathetic nervous system. Also, since yoga attempts to foster a state of mind/body harmony, it can empower practitioners with techniques for coping with stress. The goal of fertility yoga is to create optimal health for the body, especially in the uterus and pelvic tissues, which will leads to a conducive environment for conception.


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