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Does Male Fertility Decrease With time?

It is a common term that with age, female fertility decreases. However, recent studies show that the biological clock for both males and females is the same, although the decline of male fertility is not like women.

As women are born with all the eggs, when they get older, the number of eggs gets fewer until the woman reaches their menopause stage. Eventually, there will be no egg production left with time. However, in males, the sperm gets replaced completely after every three months and it continues throughout their life. Women's eggs have a use-by date but, in sperm, there are no such conditions. Moreover, the studies show that the quality of semen volume, shape, and motility decline with their ages.

While the production of sperm in males is throughout their life, the production of sperm doesn't necessarily always be the best quality as the body gets older. Because as age increases, the body's efficiency decreases naturally. The possibility of DNA damage in sperms increases because the controlling power of cells with DNA damage becomes less efficient. However, the detective DNA fuses with sperm, and that sperm goes on to fertilize the egg, resulting in complications in pregnancy and after birth.

What other factors affect sperm quality?
Besides age, various other factors can make conception a bit more challenging, especially for older men:

The quality of sperm can be affected by obesity, diabetes, and unhealthy lifestyles or diet. Some unhealthy habits like smoking, use of drugs, and excessive consumption of alcohol affects male fertility. Eating well and changing their lifestyle, and switching to a healthy lifestyle can protect male fertility.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) also affect male fertility. Some of the STD can go undetected. However, because of this fertility, specialists always recommend both male and female partners to have a general checkup done by their GP. The test includes a simple blood test for infectious diseases before planning for a baby.

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