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Prominent Reasons for Failed Fertility Treatments

In this fast-moving world parenthood for many couples is denied for many reasons. The whole universe relies on reproduction for its sustainability. Hence, the concept of biological babies through fertility treatments has come as a boon to such people. But the harsh reality is, it is successful only to 40 % of women under the age of 35. Reasons for failed fertility treatment are mainly due to the quality of the eggs, sperm embryo, and uterus among others.

Common Reasons for Failed Fertility Treatment:
Here, prominent reasons are being listed. Let’s check it out in order to accumulate more information.

• Egg quality
The primary reason for most failed fertility treatment is the quality of the eggs. It is mainly because of its complex structure. Also, age plays a vital factor in determining its quality. Success rates are more with younger the age of the egg. It is due to various reasons like the oocyte aging which causes the abnormal distribution of chromosomes.

• Sperm quality
The sperm’s motility will be less in many IVF treatments, and it also could be the reason.

• Embryo quality
Embryos developed in the labs look healthy but when implanted in the uterus defects and fails to grow.

• The response of Ovaries
Many women’s ovaries do not respond appropriately to the IVF medication and do not produce multiple eggs.

• Chromosome abnormalities
It is the most common reason behind miscarriages and the implantation failure during IVF. It is more with women above 30 years.

• Egg retrieval and embryo transfer problems
Retrieving enough eggs and placing the embryo in the correct location is vital for successful fertility treatment.

• IVF lab infrastructure
Since most of the IVF processes done in the lab, it should be of high standards for all its activities. Failing which there is more possibility of failed fertility treatment

• Lifestyle
Women who smoke may need twice the IVF cycles than that of a non-smoker. It is essential for women to stop smoking at least three months before IVF treatment.

Conclusion –
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