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Everything You Need to Know About Secondary Infertility

Couples who have conceived once before may think it will be easy the second (or third) time around, but that isn’t always the case. Secondary infertility is the inability to carry another pregnancy to term after successfully delivering at least one child previously. The fertility doctors at First Step IVF discuss everything you need to know about secondary infertility. Age is still a factor.

• No matter how old you were when you conceived your last baby, you are older now, which could affect your fertility.
• Women have less eggs as months and years pass, but fertility testing and a consultation can help decipher if eggs are the issue in your specific case.

Men can also experience secondary infertility. Low sperm counts can affect a couple’s chance of conceiving
Factors affecting the sperm quality and quantity are:
• Age
• Health
• Medications
• Testosterone supplements, and heat can affect sperm quantity and quality.

Men should also watch their alcohol consumption, as is can affect sperm production.

Our hormones and overall health can change as we age, in both men and women. Staying healthy by eating a balanced diet and getting exercise, as well as avoiding drugs, and alcohol can help your chances of getting pregnant on your own or with fertility treatments.

Other factors affecting the fertility are:
Smoking also contributes to secondary infertility.
Tobacco use can cause ovulation problems and damage eggs in women, and damage sperm DNA in men.
• Women who are not in an ideal BMI range can have lower implantation rates and inconsistent ovulation, while men wo are overweight tend to have lower sperm counts.
• Women who suffer from PCOS may also have a harder time conceiving. PCOS that has been recently diagnosed or diagnosed even before the first baby was born can affect your fertility. Irregular periods, previous surgeries or infections should be discussed with your reproductive specialist right away.

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