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FAQ’s About IVF

Tried months for pregnancy! - Still, waiting to hear the good news? There might be something wrong together with your fallopian tubes but the First Step IVF - the best IVF centre in West Delhi could be your ray of hope. IVF treatment is that the only option overlooked when everything else fails to call at conceiving you. For a lady who hasn’t yet blessed a baby, it's not less than a blessing that restores a smile on her face.

Before you get ahead with IVF, get answers to your most FAQs about the IVF process to make a decision if it's for you.

Success Rates of IVF?
IVF is the best and suitable treatment option available to beat infertility and is 100% safe. It has a huge success rate. Make sure to check the success rate of the clinic you are planning to visit.

● Could IVF treatment assist you Conceive?
Wondering whether you ought to consider visiting the best IVF doctor or not for IVF treatment? Certainly, you ought to, given the very fact that it's the simplest treatment around for ladies with blocked or missing fallopian tubes for whatever reason. It works even in cases of endometriosis and male factor infertility among various others.

● Whether to go for One Embryo Transfer or More?
It all depends on the candidate’s age and former experience with IVF. To get on a secure side, having quite one embryos transfer boosts the success rates. Contrary to this, there's also a risk of multiple pregnancies. We at First Step IVF, recommend a minimum of 2 embryos for achieving desired results.

● How are you able to Contribute To The Success of IVF Treatment?
The success of IVF treatments depends on various factors. you would like to refrain from smoking and alcohol for the time you're being treated for IVF. Also, you need to take care of your BMI during the procedure and must follow a proper diet . working on this stuff would assist you to achieve success in IVF. you'll also do a prefer to yourself by considering IVF procedure before you switch 35 because age influences the success rates of getting pregnant through this treatment.

Regardless of how hard you've got been failed trying conceiving before, the In vitro fertilization process could help you achieve parenthood.

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