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IVF Success Rates For Women Above 40

In comparison to younger people, women over the age of 40 have a lower fertility potential. They still have lower success rates with in vitro fertilisation and other fertility therapies.

We at the First Step IVF are willing to take on the most challenging cases with a poor prognosis if we believe there is a fair possibility of pregnancy. Patients with a reduced ovarian reserve are not cancelled. Women over the age of 38 or 40 have fewer embryos, respond poorly to traditional ovarian stimulation, and, since standard IVF has lower pregnancy rates, are often cancelled by IVF clinics for fear of lowering their reportable statistics.

Of course, a clinic may promote donor eggs as a choice for such women, but many women prefer to get pregnant with their own eggs. It uses an ingeniously simple protocol to take advantage of your own natural FSH elevation in order to produce fewer, higher-quality eggs. It naturally teases out of the older ovaries their best quality eggs with a carefully devised regimen of limited stimulation, rather than blasting out a few low quality eggs with large doses of costly hormones. Big hormone swings or hyperstimulation have no signs. It is less stressful for the patient and much less expensive than traditional IVF, and it has a higher success rate.

The efficacy of this process hinges not only on a novel endocrine stimulation procedure, but also on a faultless method of embryo freezing, such as our vitrification system, and the highest level laboratory air purification system to provide the best possible environment for the eggs of older women to grow.

It is also possible to become a mother if the egg supply is low or if there has been a long and, sadly, ineffective treatment history. In this case, donor eggs are typically needed for IVF success. It’s important to note that when treating people under the age of 50, the treatment procedure must be treated individually.

When making a decision, several considerations must be considered, including history, the number of attempts, and current health. While IVF success after forty is dependent on a number of factors, at the best IVF doctor in Delhi, you have a good chance of having a successful treatment – one that is customised to your specific needs. Our advice is to never give up.

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