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How Does Blocked Fallopian Tubes Cause Infertility in Women?

The condition where the fallopian tube is blocked in a woman is called tubal infertility, which hinders the process of fertilization of the egg and sperm. The uterus is connected to the fallopian tube on both sides of the uterus. The blockage can often be small, where the sperm can reach the uterus but the embryo cannot. However, many patients have non-functional patent tubes that are even difficult to diagnose. This may be visible in laparoscopy. The major risk factors include tuberculosis, pelvic infections, and previous pelvic and abdominal surgeries.

One of the main causes of tubal infertility is an infection, which can arise through sexually transmitted diseases. Other factors, such as endometriosis, where tissue grows outside the uterus, or a woman undergoes any previous surgery, can also lead to tubal factor infertility. Pelvic inflammatory diseases in which the female reproductive organs are infected also tend to damage the fallopian tubes. Ironically in endometriosis, the tubes are patent in nearly all cases, however, are not functional because of altered tubo-ovarian relationships. The history of the termination of unwanted pregnancies and the untrained stage is also evolving as an important factor.

Treatment of Tubal Blockage in Infertility
There are two methods to treat tubal factor infertility:
• Through surgery, or
• Through IVF.

One can have the surgery if the fallopian tubes are not badly damaged. But, if the tubes are severely damaged, doctors recommend IVF to conceive naturally.

Tubal factor infertility can be prevented by proper pelvic infection treatment, avoidance of mid-trimester induced abortions, not to do termination of pregnancies under the guidance of quacks, laparoscopic and timely abdominal and pelvic surgeries, such as appendectomies. A healthy diet improves immunity, thereby reducing the risk of tuberculosis. Keeping a regular check on reproductive health is the crucial thing to save you from bigger complications precipitated due to tubal factor infertility. Seeking prompt medical help will ensure that fertility issues are kept at bay.

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