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IVF- A Ray Of Hope

What is IVF?
The full name of IVF is in-vitro fertilization, in which a man's sperm and a woman's egg are mixed in a lab and inserted into the uterus of a woman who wants to become a mother.

When is IVF recommended?
Doctors do not recommend IVF to any married couple.

IVF process is effective only for those people who have these 5 health problems-

1) Blockage in the fallopian tubes- IVF is mainly done when a woman has a blockage in the fallopian tubes.

2) Male Infertility- Often, male infertility is also the reason behind the failure of a married couple to become parents. In this situation also IVF can prove to be a better option.

3) Suffering from PCOS- If a woman is suffering from PCOS and if she wants to become a mother, then she can adopt IVF for it.

4) Having a genetic disease- A genetic disease is also the reason for a person being deprived of the happiness of children. Such people do not need to be upset because they can get child happiness through IVF.

5) Not knowing the exact cause of infertility- There are many cases in which the exact cause of infertility is not known. For this reason, IVF is also done to find out the cause of infertility.

How is IVF done?
IVF is done in cycles. According to the latest studies, any woman becomes pregnant after 3 IVF cycles.

There are many steps involved in a cycle, some of which are as follows-

Step 1: Stimulating the Ovary- IVF begins with stimulating the ovaries. This is done so that the ovary can be prepared for this procedure.

Step 2: Retrieval of the egg- The egg is retrieved by stimulating the ovary.
Scientifically, it is believed that a sufficient amount of egg is required for any woman to conceive a baby.

Step 3: Formation of Embryo- After retrieval of the egg, the embryo is formed.
It is made by mixing egg and sperm in the lab.

Step 4: Transfer the embryo- The embryo created in the lab is transferred to the uterus of the woman who wants the child.

Step 5: Getting a Pregnancy Test- A pregnancy test of the woman is done after some time after the embryo is transferred to the woman's uterus.

This is done to find out whether the IVF procedure was successful or not.

How much does IVF cost?
When a married couple comes to know that they have to get IVF done, then the first question that comes to their mind is how much is the cost of IVF.
It is very important for them to know that because it affects their financial situation.
There are many such cases in which people do not consider IVF to be expensive.
In such a situation, they should know that it is very affordable for them to get IVF done.


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