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Time and again Dr Priti Gupta- Consultant fertility and IVF expert, has mentioned the role of positive attitude towards life. Most of the times we tend to feel disturbed and depressed if things are not going the right way. But then, it is exactly when positive attitude is needed the most.

Have we wondered how will positive attitude help us with our problems?

True that, but let’s take a quick glance at a few of the many things that having a positive attitude can do:

Increases productivity-

When we know a task is difficult, we delay it and mostly waste much of our time thinking that it is impossible or too difficult. Instead, if we keep a positive attitude towards a given task, then the task becomes easier automatically. Your inner and mental strength makes you stronger and more capable of doing the task and fundamentally increases your overall productivity.

Enhance quality of life-

What is life when you are always stressed and hold a negative feeling and attitude towards every other thing? Try incorporating positivity. It not only helps you do your tasks with more zeal but adds in to the feeling of satisfaction from life which in turn heightens the quality of your life.

Positive thinking ensures a positive fertility-

You may find it hard to believe but your mental strength works as much as any medicine, if not more. As per First Step IVF, the best fertility clinic in Delhi stress can negatively impact the body, thus putting a damper on fertility. Yet another way it can hinder your chances is through the mind/body connection. That is right! You can think yourself into (in) fertility! It is your choice. Most couples become emotionally disturbed when they face conception problems. These negative emotions again breeds more negative thought forms, which then reinforces other sore feelings even leading to depression. According to Dr Ptriti Gupta- Consultant fertility and IVF expert, having negative thoughts adds in to your stress levels and somewhat adds to your suffering. At times, it exacerbates the condition medically as well. Amazing new find at First Step IVF, the best fertility clinic in Delhi shows that the brain does not know the difference between a vividly imagined situation and something that is (or has) actually taken place—so it is important to take advantage of this, for the sake of your fertility and general well being. So for a happy life, the medicine that works most is being positive, no matter what life has in store for you!


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